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Player Review: Joel James

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look back at the 2014-15 season for the returning Tar Heels. Today we look at  junior Joel James


Joel James
38 10.1 2.5
45.1% 0.0% 66.7% 93.9

Season summary

Joel James proved to be a bit of a revelation this season. He wasn't necessarily a dominant big men and still struggled at times but there were plenty of instances where James validated his time on the court. James scored 11 points against UNCG then in a bit of a breakout games went for 8 points against Ohio State. In the game versus Duke in Durham, James played solid defense on Jahlil Okafor and also chipped in six points. At times James flashed a fairly reliable mid-range jumper while not be nearly as efficient around the basket.

For the most part James served as a solid backup in the post for Kennedy Meeks.

What to expect next season

Like Nate Britt, James will likely found his role next season similar to this season. He will come off the bench to provide about 10-12 mpg of relief in the post. Because James is still behind in his development as a basketball player due to his late start in high school, additional development could be in the offing. James showed some improvement from last season to this one in his offensive game, particularly his range.  Assuming that continues along with an upgrade to his defense, James' minutes on the floor can provide some measure of production. There is a ceiling to be sure but even that ceiling should give the Tar Heels valuable minutes off the bench in the post.