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IC: UNC Has Received Notice of Allegations

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Greg Barnes of Inside Carolina is reporting that multiple sources have confirmed that the University of North Carolina has received its Notice of Allegations from the NCAA. The University is expected to confirm receipt of the NOA this afternoon and will release details at a later date.

More on this story as it develops. In the meantime, the pieces done by IC about the NCAA enforcement process and the challenges of applying this process to the UNC situation are a great primer to the NOA release. And nothing like a big news dump on a Friday afternoon prior to a holiday weekend. PR hacks would certainly be proud.

[UPDATE]: Remember this is but the first step in a months-long process of machinations. UNC has 90 days to respond to the NOA, then the Committee on Infractions will meet and mete out sanctions. But at least once the details are released UNC will have an idea of where this might be heading.