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In Case You're Wondering Roy Hasn't Seen the NOA Either

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

This via a report from the Associated Press. Roy Williams, participating in a charity golf tournament in Michigan, says he doesn't know what's in document which details any number of violations the NCAA alleges UNC has committed as it related to the AFAM academic scandal.

If Williams has indeed been left in the dark, it points to some fairly tight compartmentalization by UNC's administration even as the notice of allegations is likely to be released this week. It may also be a move to give Williams some plausible deniability in these types of impromptu interactions with reporters. After all, Williams is out and about at various events throughout the summer where limiting his contact with the media is difficult. In fact the media has been known to accost Williams when he goes on a walk around campus. Given the possibility of Williams being asked the questions, it stands to reason he may have been kept in the dark.

All that being said, just because Williams hasn't seen what's in the notice of allegations doesn't mean he hasn't been briefed at some level on whether his program has been implicated or not. There is also the possibility the notice of allegations doesn't include any specific men's basketball charges at which point Williams need to know what's in it would be somewhat limited.

Whatever the case, it is crystal clear UNC is playing the game differently this time around than in 2011.