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2015 NBA Draft Primer

Alternate title: Where in the second round is J.P. Tokoto going?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is tonight and with it we learned exactly where J.P. Tokoto might end up. His decision to leave UNC after his junior season was a surprise considering he wasn't a first round pick. That math hasn't changed since the decision was announced but it also doesn't matter. Tokoto has indicated he knew that would be the case. What has changed is Tokoto's performance at the NBA Combine in May has lifted his stock and made him a likely mid-second around pick.

Here is where the relevant mock drafts have him.

Mock Draft Round Overall Pick Team
Draft Express 2 41 Brooklyn
CBS Sports/Sam Vecenie 2 47 Philadelphia
CBS Sports/Gary Parrish 2 46 Milwaukee
CBS Sports/Zach Harper 2 42 Utah
NBA Draft Net 2 47 Philadelphia Top 60 Prospects N/A 42 N/A

The consensus is Tokoto will come of the board somewhere in the 40s. It's not guaranteed money but it is a foot in the door for a player who is gifted athletically and can play defense. Tokoto's offense will continue to be a huge concern. As much Tokoto talks about his lack of an offensive role at UNC being the impetus for his moving on, there were legitimate reasons for his limited role on that end of the floor. His jump shot, free throw shooting and scoring ability were unreliable. His ability to succeed in the NBA will be largely predicated on him addressing those deficiencies which is to say he has quite a bit of work to do.

All that being said, going in the second round means he likely ends up in the Development League with time to work on those deficiencies much the same way James Michael McAdoo did this past season and Danny Green did before he caught on for good with San Antonio.