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What to look for with the MLB draft

The draft will drastically effect the look of the Carolina baseball team next year. Here's what to look for going into draft night.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Heels saw many of their top recruits drafted and sign. The result was a disappointing campaign in which injuries exposed lack of depth while the offense also ran dry as the season progressed. The draft will once again be one of the most important things affecting Carolina's season next year so let's see the players to look at going into the draft and the rest of June.

Current Players:

Expect to Leave:

Skye Bolt

Landon Lassiter

Reilly Hovis

We'll have to watch and see if any of these guys stay on the board for awhile longer than they and their agents would like. That could lead them to come back to Chapel Hill for another year. Of these Lassiter is probably gone for anything after his end to the season in disgrace. Hovis is coming off an injury and is most likely to return if he falls.

Expect to Stay:

Korey Dunbar

Trent Thornton

Chris McCue

Alex Rayburn

Elijah Sutherland

None of these should be seeing enough money to motivate them to leave school after three years. If anyone bites early on Thornton or Rayburn they might leave but none of the rest should get enough to go pro. McCue has made statements that make it sound like he want s to come back so unless he's taken high and offered a lot of money I expect that he'll stay.


Cole Aker, Kyle Datres, Sage Diehm, Jordan Gubelman, Josh Hiatt, Rodney Hutchinson, Brandon Illies, Brendon Little, J.T. Rogoszewski, Taylor Sugg, Logan Welch, Brandon Riley, Josh Ladowski, Cole Gibbs, Jehmai Jones, Utah Jones, Cody Roberts, Desmond Lindsay, Wyatt Cross, Chase Fullington

That's the long list of High School seniors who have signed for Carolina next year and which of them decide to forgo a signing bonus and come to school will determine the fate of the Heels. The main player to watch is Jehmai Jones, if he falls/doesn't get a large enough contract and comes to Carolina he could be a force in the Heels' outfield. Otherwise if many of these guys come off the board early then Carolina might face the same issues of depth next year.