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UNC Basketball Roster Updates

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The roster has been released for the 2015-16 season and there are a few changes to note.

Isaiah Hicks will shed his #22 to take #4 which had previously been worn by Luke Davis. Stilman White will change from #45 to #30. It will be the third different number White has worn at UNC. He wore #11 during his freshman season in 2011-12.

Freshman guard Kenny Williams will wear #24 and forward Luke Maye will don #32 in his rookie season.

As far as walk-on spots go, Justin Coleman will return as will Spenser Dalton who joined the varsity team following the conclusion of the JV season. Roy Williams will likely add an additional player or two, mainly for practice purposes.

There is only one change in the player weights. Kennedy Meeks is listed at 265 versus 270 last season. However, Justin Jackson's weight is still listed at 193 though he is summer workout has been well documented. It stands to reason that number might change.