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Marquise Williams at ACC Kickoff on Team Chemistry

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

UNC quarterback Marquise Williams is rarely at a loss for words and also not one to hide what he's really thinking. Some of that was on display at ACC Kickoff today when Williams had some pointed words about last season's team.

Via WTVD's Ngozi Ekeledo

This isn't the first time we've heard about the chemistry last season. The reactions in the wake of UNC's 40-21 loss to Rutgers in the Quick Lane Bowl were along these lines.

In his ACC Kickoff comments Williams pointed directly to players who graduated which is actually a very short list. UNC didn't have many seniors last season, ten to be exact. Two of those were kicker Thomas Moor and punter Tommy Hibbard. Another was Tim Scott who was among those after the bowl game calling teammates out for caring more about their stats than the team.  Assuming the team chemistry issues were localized to a handful of now departed players, it is pretty easy to pick out who was probably at fault.

Of course none of this was news in December nor is it now for anyone who watched the 2014 Tar Heels play. Clearly there were massive issues from scheme to chemistry to fundamentals. Players did not execute well, did not appear to be connected with the coaches and the 45-20 win over Duke was the only time it felt like everyone managed to find the same page.

With so many returning starters, experienced depth and a coaching staff shakeup on defense should go a long way towards solving some of these issues. In fact whether or not the Larry Fedora tenure develops any sort of momentum is dependent on some tangible results this season. Not dealing with chemistry issues would be a great start.