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THB Morning Roundup 8/10

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A quick look at some of the stories circulating on the internet about UNC athletics and other items of interest.

UNC news

-Chancellor Carol Folt tells Barry Jacobs that she is up to the challenge of handling UNC's athletic issues despite how time consuming it has been. However she does note that the attention to atheltics does impact the time she spends on managing UNC's $1 billion research portfolio.

-UNC had its annual "Meet the Heels" event for football. Inside Carolina notes that fans in attendance were optimistic despite the issues from last season.

-In case you've missed it, Roy Williams has been giving out scholarship offers in the class of 2016 like Oprah Winfrey gives away cars. The current count is 21(which 20 of those still uncommitted) which is easily a record for Williams at UNC. Because of the looming NCAA decision, none of the offered players have committed yet.

-Ken Pomeroy is in the midst of a summer series on whether offense or defense has more control over a college basketball game. The latest entry examines rebounding. According to KenPom stats, Roy Williams' teams(which includes two years at Kansas) are third overall in offensive rebounding.

Other news

-A sickening story out of the University of Minnesota where athletic director Norwood Teague resigned on Friday amid accusations he sexually harassed women at the school. SB Nation blog The Daily Gopher has a full rundown of the story including a link to a Star Tribune beat writer who says she was also harassed. Teague is a UNC graduate and worked in the athletic department there during the middle part of last decade.

-NC State is investing $15 million to build a dorm which will house basketball players. The project will be privately funded and in accordance with NCAA rules include non-athletes. The NCAA does not permit athlete only housing with rules stipulating non-athletes must make up 51% of the residents in a dorm.

On one level this is amusing considering the N&O's calling 46% enrollment of athletes in classes "disproportional." Then again this is no different than what goes on at other schools, though if UNC were doing this I'd imagine the coverage would take a different tone.