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UNC Media Day: Gene Chizik Press Conference

Via UNC Athletics.

Was this a more anticipated press conference than Larry Fedora's. Possibly. Obviously the major storyline for UNC heading into the 2015 season is can someone bring the defense up to a point where they can at least stop a nosebleed. Chizik is being paid handsomely and has the credentials to do the job. So yes, hearing his assessment of the defense is fairly high on the list.

Key quote: "We've got to be just light years above of where we were last year in terms of tackling. We aren't there yet....Until the consistency of that happens we can't total improve as a defense because the game is still blocking and tackling."

As for what he wants the defense to be known for, Chizik simply says: "Physicality"

Exit question: How much is "improvement" predicated on stats versus how the defense looks? Or does improving the latter take care of the former?