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Bubba Cunningham Addresses New NCAA Issues

UNC AD Bubba Cunningham addressed the media in the wake of the news UNC had submitted new information to the NCAA. A few tidbits on how the potential violations were found and what's next.

-UNC is reviewing 5-6 million documents as a part of the public release of the NOA response. During that review additional instances of improper help for women's basketball players was discovered. This is related to Jan Boxill and most likely is just more items to add to the second allegation.

-The men's soccer information was uncovered when an assistant coach failed a compliance test and asked for clarification on a particulalr rule. It turns out he had misunderstood the regulations and as a result may have broken recruiting rules.

-UNC will take 60 days to address the new concerns. If the new information yields additional Level 1 or II violations the current NOA will need to be amended. UNC would then be given a new 90 day clock to respond to the amended NOA.

-Assuming UNC maxes out both of those windows, the COI hearing might not come until January or February. Cunningham said they hoped for resolution by spring of 2016. At this point it seems likely it could be later than that.

-When asked about potential coaching changes in women's basketball and men's soccer Cunningham said he had "confidence" in the coaching staff for both programs.

-For the most part, Cunningham was hesitant to speculate too much on penalties or how the NCAA might view the potential violations. In other words, same as always.

It has been suggested that UNC is engaging in some sort of delaying tactic and even one person on Twitter said(before deleting the tweet) that UNC could keep finding violations and avoid punishment. The crux of the delay truthers' theory is UNC is attempting to protect men's basketball from missing the 2016 NCAA Tournament in a year the Tar Heels could win a national title. To believe that you also have to believe UNC is getting a postseason ban or the NCAA would enact such a ban during the season. While we don't know for certain about the former, the latter is not likely to happen anyway.

The delay could end up impacting the 2016 recruiting class in basketball with the best of the incoming high school seniors opting for other destinations based on the uncertainty surrounding UNC. Because football players stay 3-5 years in school, one bowl ban isn't a huge deal. Basketball relies on players who need to make the most out 1-2 years meaning as long as UNC isn't out of the woods, the recruits will be cautious.