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THB Morning Roundup 8/18

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a quick look at UNC stories and other items of interest.

UNC Academic Scandal/NCAA Investigation

-If you really wanted to pinpoint a moment where the N&O dropped all pretenses and simply started making up who narratives out of thin air, today might be it. I know, the pretenses were probably dropped a long time ago but there is a stark difference between spinning known facts to fit a narrative and actually making one up out of nothing.

That is the case with the "war on women's basketball" narrative which Doc covered here. Last night the N&O editorial board pushed all the chips to the middle of the table and accused UNC of "sexism" because Sylvia Hatchell wasn't given a contract extension at the same time as Roy Williams. To be clear, N&O published an editorial saying Hatchell was being sacrificed, folllowed it up with a news piece fleshing that out then stake an editorial position that UNC is acting in a sexist manner.

At this point, even The Onion has to be impressed.


-Quinshad Davis has fully recovered from breaking a leg in the Quik Lane Bowl last December and has his sights set on two UNC receiving records.

-Lee Pace examines UNC's offensive consistency or lack thereof at times last season.

-The Daily Tar Heel has an illuminating Q&A with former UNC head coach Mack Brown reflecting on his ten years in Chapel Hill.


-Sad news out of Raleigh. Danny Lotz, member of UNC's 1957 NCAA Championship team was found unresponsive in the pool behind his North Raleigh home on Monday. Lotz, whose wife is Anne Graham Lotz daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, is the ICU at a local hospital.