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THB Morning Roundup 8/27

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

A quick spin around the internet.


-According to Inside Carolina, Jeremiah Clarke might be emerging as the starter at nose tackle for the Tar Heels.

One week to kickoff....


-CBS Sports' Gary Parrish has been doing his summer polling of college coaches on a variety of topics. According to this informal survey UNC is one of the three best jobs in college basketball.

UNC could get five-star recruits no matter who the coach is. MJ played there. The tradition is great. Dean won championships. Roy has won championships. And I don't mean this in a bad way, but even Matt Doherty signed a top-ranked recruiting class there. Almost anybody could win big there. To me that's the best job in the country."

Trying to decide if this is also a backhanded compliment directed at Roy Williams or Parrish asserting that anyone who shows up at UNC and stays five years is a lock to win a title. Granted that's based in history. Of the five coaches in the ACC era the only two who didn't win a title were Bill Guthridge and Matt Doherty. They are also the only two not on the job for at least five years.


Jamie Loeb has decided to turn pro and will be attempting to qualify for the main draw of the US Open. Loeb won the NCAA individual championship last spring.

Academic Scandal

UNC chemistry professor Cindy Schauer takes issue with a recent DTH editorial on the lack of a contract extension for women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell. Of course the media in general doesn't seem interested in hearing from UNC faculty unless they espouse the proper narrative talking points.


Not sure which is worse, the fact it's even being considered or coaches are stupid enough to say it publicly.