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THB Morning Roundup 9/1

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what is going on in the UNC world this morning.

-Inside Carolina looks at Gene Chizik's having complete charge of the defense. The money quote from Larry Fedora.

"I’ve never gone in the defensive room and told them what to run"

I am going to take a wild guess that Chizik doesn't take the job unless he was given full autonomy to run the defense the way he wanted. Fedora, being smart enough to see the defense need to be rebuilt, got a credible coach who should be able to do that and then got out of the way. Now we'll see how it looks on the field.

-Here is Larry Fedora speaking with the media for the final time prior to the Tar Heels meeting South Carolina.

-Here are Marquise Williams and Jeff Schoettmer talking South Carolina.

Two days....


-Chris Hawkins has been indicted under NC agent law for improper contact with former Tar Heel Jabari Price. No truth to the rumor the NCAA is asking Hawkins be given life in prison.

-Former Tar Heel football player Michael McAdoo is seeking to use UNC's own findings against it in his lawsuit against the school.