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Tale of the Tape: UNC vs NC A&T

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Heels vs Aggies

When UNC has the ball

UNC(Offense) NC A&T(Defense)
Points per game 13.0 7.0
Yards per game 440.0 81.0
Yards per attempt 7.0 1.8
Passing yards 232.0 37.0
Passing YPA 7.5 2.6
Rushing Yards 208.0 44.0
Rushing YPA 6.5 1.5
Turnovers 3 2
3rd Down Conv. 38.4% 16.6%
4th Down Conv. 0.0% 0.0%
Red Zone Conv. 33.3% 0.0%

When UNC is on defense

UNC(Defense) NC A&T(Offense)
Points per game 17.0 61.0
Yards per game 394.0 413.0
Yards per attempt 5.3 5.1
Passing yards 140.0 188.0
Passing YPA 5.2 7.0
Rushing Yards 254.0 225.0
Rushing YPA 5.4 4.2
Turnovers 0 2
3rd Down Conv. 46.7% 66.7%
4th Down Conv. 50.0% 66.7%
Red Zone Conv. 66.7% 77.7%

This is a ridiculously small sample size and in A&T's case was a game against Shaw University. There really isn't much to glean here other than to note that the Aggies put up 61 points on Shaw with less total offense than UNC had on the way to 13 points. Obviously the level of competition matters but for UNC to be successful this season something along the lines of NC A&T's 77% conversion rate in the red zone would be ideal given UNC has little trouble producing yards.

Despite the points A&T wasn't very efficiency with just 4.2 yards per rushing attempt. UNC put in 5.4 last week and that number is probably higher if Elijah Hood gets more carries. Speaking of which, anything short of Hood getting a nice work load on Saturday, especially if he is racking up yards is probably going to anger the fan base even more.

Given UNC's anemic points performance and Marquise Williams struggles, this game will serve to right the statistical ship and get UNC in the win column.