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Weekly Report Card: NC A&T

Carolina rebounded with a win against FCS foe A&T.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina rebounded nicely with a thumping 53-14 victory over the A&T Aggies. Marquise Williams played a clean game but this game was not without controversy as Mitch Trubisky made platoon appearances with the first team every third series just like he did last year. After the game Larry Fedora said that Marquise Williams was still the starter but that he would continue to use Trubisky "without telling anyone beforehand" to keep everyone ready and on their toes.

On to the grades:

A repeat performance from Elijah Hood: C

Elijah Hood got the carries necessary to try to prove that he was a top notch running back but he did not break out into the third level like he did against South Carolina. Hood only averaged 3.5 yards per carry even though he did get two touchdowns. After the game, Fedora gave A&T credit for staying at home while Carolina tried to open up run lanes. However, if A&T can stop the  Carolina running game...then that's not very good is it?

Clean up the mistakes: A

Marquise Williams was 15/20 for 200+ yards and 2 touchdowns while also running for 50+ yards and a score. Williams looked much more comfortable in the pocket in this game and he was a more decisive and effective runner. His best play of the game was arguably his touchdown run. The defense forced turnovers and put the offense in a position to succeed. The coaching staff also did not make any big mistakes and Carolina played a very clean game--easing them into this easy three game stretch before conference play starts.

Stop the run: B

Carolina played a much better--as expected--against the run in this game but still not as good as hoped. Carolina allowed the A&T running back Tarik Cohen to get 69 yards yards on 15 carries for a robust (considering he's an FCS player against and FBS opponent) 4.6 yards per carry. The Heels also allowed A&T quarterback Kwashaun Quick to average 4.8 yards per carry continuing Carolina's issue with stopping runners who get direct snaps. Carolina did improve in this game but they were supposed to since they played an FCS team. They should continue to work on run defense in the next few games or games in ACC play could be very difficult.