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THB Morning Roundup 9/2

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Football Opener Eve!

All the focus is on the defense...or is it?

-UNC's defense is the hot topic of the preseason. How much will the new scheme matter? What about the impact of a new staff? How improvement can we reasonably expect? The latest on the defense here, here and here.

-While the defense will get plenty of attention, Brett Friedlander reminds us some offensive consistency would really be nice and very much needed.

Know thy enemy

-The Charleston Post and Courier looks at South Carolina's defense and the hope the Gamecocks can show improvements over last season in the opener.

-UNC's "hurry up" offense is a point of concern for South Carolina's defensive co-coordinator Jon Hoke who calls it "challenging"

-The arrival of Gene Chizik in Chapel Hill means there is some uncertainty for South Carolina in facing a revamped defense.


Jamie Loeb made her professional debut at the U.S. Open on Tuesday falling 6-2, 6-0 to #4 seed Caroline Wozniacki.