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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Delaware

A quick look at the numbers.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

When UNC has the ball

UNC(Offense) Delaware(Defense)
Points per game 38.0 19.0
Yards per game 458.0 321.3
Yards per attempt 6.9 5.0
Passing yards 232.3 249.7
Passing YPA 8.3 7.1
Rushing Yards 225.6 71.7
Rushing YPA 5.9 2.5
Turnovers 4 5
3rd Down Conv. 47.2% 33.0%
4th Down Conv. 33.3% 100.0%
Red Zone Conv. 76.9% 83.0%

When UNC is on defense

UNC(Defense) Delaware(Offense)
Points per game 15.0 18.0
Yards per game 355.3 303.7
Yards per attempt 4.9 4.3
Passing yards 143.3 95.3
Passing YPA 4.9 4.4
Rushing Yards 212.0 208.3
Rushing YPA 4.8 4.3
Turnovers 4 4
3rd Down Conv. 46.0% 41.0%
4th Down Conv. 50.0% 50.0%
Red Zone Conv. 62.5% 70.0%

Delaware has played three FCS teams thus far and these are the numbers. Yes, the defense looks decent but it was against three FCS teams. The offense is downright putrid and that also came against three FCS teams. In other words the defense might not be as good as the numbers indicate and the offense might actually be worse. Working in the Blue Hens' favor is the the reliance on running the ball which something UNC has struggled to stop even when it was NC A&T.

Of course the weather looks to be very wet on Saturday which might turn the game messy. At that point, you can probably throw the numbers out.