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Post-Game Analysis: Carolina 41 Delaware 14--The Two Big Questions

Carolina rolled over Delaware behind a stellar Mitch Trubisky performance.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina beat Delaware 41-14 on Saturday. The team was led by Mitch Trubisky's excellent game off the bench. Trubisky went 17-20 for 312 yards with 4 touchdowns and one fumble lost. The Heels defense was still poor against the run all day, allowing Delaware to average 5.7 yards per carry. Despite their loss to Duke, the Heels game at Georgia Tech next week still looms as the toughest and most important game on the schedule. Carolina's performance in the Delaware game has created the two big storylines heading into Atlanta next week: who will be the quarterback and can they stop anyone on the ground.

Who will be the QB?

Mitch Trubisky has played very well so far this season. But that has been against poor competition. However, in Carolina's closest game of the season Marquise Williams wasn't exactly impressive. Williams has spent almost all season locked onto his principle wideout on every pass play. This is how Williams was picked three times against South Carolina. Williams has not moved through his progressions with any speed this year and that has held the offense back when Williams has been in the game.

The main difference when Trubisky came in against Delaware has been that he moved through his progressions very quickly. Trubisky has performed this way in every appearance this season. Trubisky seems to be the more poised passer of the two. Carolina has five great receiving options on the field on most plays and Trubisky has found the open man on most plays. This is how Trubisky found Mack Hollins and Ryan Switzer for long touchdowns in this game on his third and fourth reads. Trubisky looked away from his covered receivers and found the open man. Trubisky also would come into Atlanta with the most recent game speed experience which could be a reason to start Trubisky over Williams. However, after the game Coach Fedora said that "nothing has changed" regarding the quarterback position. Fedora intends to go with Williams but his actions (benching Williams so quickly) and Trubisky's play have made it a question. Against Georgia Tech, if Williams can not guide the Heels to a touchdown on the first or second possession, I would expect Trubisky to play.

Can the Heels stop anyone on the ground?

Until Trubisky came in the Delaware game looked like a throwback to last year's Heels. The defense was getting pushed around by Delaware's offensive line and the Blue Hens were picking up chunks of yards with each carry. The most maddening aspect of the defense was that Delaware did not complete a pass in the first half. The Blue Hens lined up and ran the ball on every play but Carolina refused to load up the box or run blitz to stop the run. The Carolina linebackers were static on every play, waiting for Delaware to decide what to do with the ball. Delaware had their line push forward with run blocks so the linebackers were always met by a guard or tackle which opened the large running lanes the line opened up. The Heels seemed to be unable to adapt to Delware's run only approach. The Heels have now allowed more than 5 yards per carry in three of their first four games. Now the defense goes to Georgia Tech to play against the triple option.