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UNC-Virginia Tech Moved to 3:00 PM

Lance King/Getty Images

The ACC has announced a change to the tip time for UNC-Virginia Tech on Sunday. The game, originally scheduled for 6:30 PM will now start at 3:00 PM.

Due to continued weather conditions, the North Carolina at Virginia Tech game, originally scheduled for 6:30 pm on Sunday, January 24, will now tip at 3:00 pm.

The game will be broadcast live on ESPN3. It will also be shown on ESPNU during the original 6:30 pm television window.

For many Tar Heel fans, the change in time will be a welcome change. Originally the 6:30 PM start put UNC's game opposite the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship game. That would have meant two screens or choosing one game over the other. Now that won't be an issue. The downside is the game will now be on ESPN3 which is delayed and sometimes not reliable.

Then again, it might be more reliable than the broadcast for UNC-Wake Forest this past Wednesday night.

In case you were wondering, UNC has arrived in Blacksburg.