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Tar Heels News 10/24/16: UNC third in ESPN’s ACC Power Rankings

The trick play, adjusting to injuries, and Trubisky’s only Kryptonite being hurricanes

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports | Turner Walston: UNC used the wildcat with T.J. Logan against Miami, and the Virginia defense thought they knew what was coming when he lined up to take the snap on Saturday. The Heels, however, had a different play in mind and it worked. Logan to Switzer to Trubisky to Howard. Touchdown.

Inside Carolina | Greg Barnes: Carolina’s offense has had to adjust to the loss of several players, and what they have cobbled together as a replacement may not reach the elite status that the full-strength squad might have. That being said, adjustments have to be made, and younger guys have to step up. They did that on Saturday in Charlottesville.

ESPN | David M. Hale: UNC is third in ESPN’s ACC power rankings this week, noting that Mitch Trubisky has been pretty darn good in the games he hasn’t had to play in a hurricane. The Heels come in behind Clemson at #1 and Louisville at #2.

Tar Heel Illustrated | Andrew Jones: In a game where the Tar Heels did so much right, there weren’t a lot of things left to criticize. If you’re going to nitpick, fumbles and a long 12-play drive for the Cavaliers are places to point to for improvement. All in all, though, the Tar Heels played a great game on the road and came away with a good victory.