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Tar Heels News 10/29/16: Mitch Trubisky is finally getting noticed on the national level

North Carolina v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images | Howard Bryant: How UNC alumni Andrew Miller became the most important reliever in baseball this year. Since coming to the Cleveland Indians, he has almost singlehandedly brought them to the World Series.

Keeping It Heel | Alec Lasley: Sophomore Luke Maye is due to see an increase in playing time with the Tar Heels this year. He is noted as a skilled rebounder, though he is somewhat limited as an undersized big man.

The Daily Tar Heel | Ethan Belshe: After UNC women’s basketball media day, there are many things to consider for the upcoming season. The team looks to be strong in the backcourt, but could use work in the front.

Keeping It Heel | Zack Pearson: Mitch Trubisky’s success with North Carolina is finally starting to get noticed on a national level. He has been named a player to watch by multiple journalists in recent weeks.