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ACC Power Rankings - Week Seven

In which I completely rationalize putting the Tar Heels on top.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Kentucky Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

How does the ACC stand heading into Christmas as non-conference play comes to an end? Familiar faces still lead the way.

UNC (10-2)

Look, I know they have two losses to Duke’s one, but Duke has only played one really good team (Kansas) and they lost. Carolina has played a tough Indiana team on the road and Kentucky in a neutral environment. They hung with the Wildcats the entire time, even with Malik Monk being superman. They are the top of the ACC right now.

Duke (11-1)

One loss doesn’t make up for the fact that TENNESSEE STATE gave you a run for your money AT HOME. Duke is definitely getting healthier at the right time, but that doesn’t always mean cohesiveness. Either way, Duke is still hanging around the top and will likely be there all season.

Louisville (10-1)

I think everyone knew Louisville would be pretty good, but I’m not sure the expectation was that they’d be this high at this stage of the game. They give the ACC a third team inside the top 10 of the current poll, but their competition has been kind of lackluster. That all changes tomorrow when they face in-state rival Kentucky.

Florida State (12-1)

I guess I originally left you out because you are listed on top of the ACC and I didn’t believe that to be real life. Here you are, though.

Virginia (9-1)

There are people on this Earth who like watching Virginia play basketball. It’s astounding to me. I guess they are good and stuff but man is that style of play just brutal on those of us who love to watch games like UNC/Kentucky. Virginia is going to continue to be a pain this year, same as they have been in very recent memory.

Notre Dame (10-2)

Remember when you played really well against Villanova, Notre Dame? We were all rooting for you. We were on your side. The Fighting Irish have had it tough with two losses to quality opponents in Villanova and Purdue.

Virginia Tech (9-1)

Look at you, being a one-loss team right before ACC play starts! That’s adorable.

Pittsburgh (9-2)

YOU BEAT MARYLAND! That was cool. Good job, Panthers. Then you lost to Duquesne and went and messed it up. It’s okay you’re probably still better than...

NC State (9-2)

The Wolfpack scored two more points against Tennessee State than Duke did. Make of that what you will.

Clemson (8-2)

The Tigers hung around on Xavier, a good team, but lost to Oklahoma, a not very good team. At least they didn’t have to play in Chapel Hill, I guess.

Miami (8-2)

I got nothing. I really don’t.

Wake Forest (8-3)

Hey, Tim Duncan got his jersey retired this week. That’s something.

Georgia Tech (6-3)

Ummm...well...transition period?

Syracuse (7-4)


Boston College (6-5)

At least you guys have hockey.