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Ridiculous Poll: Roy Williams or Steve Robinson?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Roy Williams left UNC's game at Boston College early in the second half with a bout of vertigo. Assistant coach Steve Robinson stepped into the fray and led UNC to a comeback win against a historically bad Boston College team.

Some of the postgame fan responses has ranged from lauding Robinson for doing a great job(which he did) to way too much excitement over his use of timeouts to acting as though he might be the second coming of Dean Smith. On the message boards reactions include those who think UNC loses the game with Roy Williams still on the bench because of substitutions or not calling timeouts or who knows what else.

So with this being an election year and everything being polled I thought, "Why not? Let's find out just how many crazy people there out there!"

This poll is just for kicks, especially if you answer "yes" to #2 because we are going to make fun of you relentlessly.

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