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Roy Williams PC: All the Vertigo Stories

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, if you were really interested in hearing all about Roy Williams' vertigo and the number of times he has vomited on a golf course thanks to an episode, today is your day.

Obviously the vertigo episode would be a hot topic to discuss in Roy Williams weekly press conference since it really couldn't be explored on Tuesday night during the postgame media availability. Williams goes into great detail about the diagnosis and what kind of situations precipitate it. Suddenly turning his head to avoid sand in his eyes after hitting out of a bunker is apparently a surefire way to bring on an attack.

As for what happened Tuesday night, Roy Williams thought the official was being arrogant and as he went to slap a chair he jerked his head around and down he went. He says it is the first time it has happened in a game and should not be confused with moments where he needs to kneel or hold onto an assistant. Those brief spells are an issue of blood rushing out of his head if he stands up too qukckly likely caused by him having low blood pressure(my wife has the same issue.)

At any rate, Williams returned to a full schedule upon returning to Chapel Hill and even did some yoga. Bet you didn't see that coming.

Also this week we got Theo Pinson who opened his media session saying he was there just so he wouldn't get fined.