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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Duke

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

College Basketball Armageddon 2016, Part I

North Carolina Duke
Record 21-4 19-6
ACC Record 10-2 8-4
KenPom Rank #8 #11
Points per game 83.8 83.4
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 118.9(6th) 121.9(2nd)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 95.8(39th) 100.3(108th)
Tempo(Rank) 72.9(37th) 69.2(172nd)
Offensive eFG% 52.6% 55.2%
Defensive eFG% 48.1% 48.7%
Field Goal % 48.3% 47.3%
2P FG% 54.4% 53.0%
3P FG% 31.6% 39.2%
FT% 73.4% 72.2%
Offensive Reb Rate 37.9% 35.4%
Defensive Reb Rate 70.8% 67.7%
TO Rate 15.2% 14.7%
FT Rate 34.7% 42.1%
3PA% 26.6% 39.0%

Alternate title: UNC vs Notre Dame, Part II.

It is no surprise that Mike Brey being a longtime assistant of Mike Krzyzewski would employ the same type of spread the floor with shooters, play one legitimate big man then rely on drives and threes to win. On one hand, UNC defended Notre Dame really well from a shooting standpoint but could not control the boards or keep the Irish off the free throw line. On the other hand, Duke runs this type of offense better than Notre Dame does and with more talent.

The numbers are exactly what you expect. Duke takes 39.0% of shots from three and hits 39.2% of those. That, along with 53.0% inside the arc equates to a gaudy eFG% of 55.2 and an offensive efficiency of 121. 9. UNC's defense has been much improved in ACC play(tied with UVa for 2nd in ACC games) but this kind of match-up will test what the Tar Heels can do defensively.

On the flip side, Duke has not been a good defensive team with a defensive efficiency over 100 overall and 108.1 in ACC games. The Blue Devils have given up an eFG% of 48.7. That is the same defensive eFG% as Pittsburgh had prior to Sunday's game which is to say UNC can only hope Duke is as good on defense as the Panthers were two days ago.