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Roy Williams Weekly Press Conference


The final(?) word on the Doug Gottlieb comments?

Skip to the 11:25 mark for additional remarks on CBS Sports' Doug Gottlieb speculating Roy Williams would retire after the season. Williams basically points to three things that bothered him.

1. Williams was bothered by it completely unfounded saying, "There's only one source, there's only one. And Roy Williams has never said anything about that. Never led anyone to believe anything like that."

2. This is a personal issue for Williams and he will "do what the crap I want to do."

3. The biggest aspect of it was recruiting. Williams noted how much they've dealt with negative recruiting and this was another element to that which he didn't want or need. In that respect had UNC not been mired in scandal over the past 3-4 years, it's possible Williams doesn't respond quite as harshly. Then again, great exception was taken by Williams over the fact it was unfounded and encroached into something "personal"

Williams was asked if the current troubles UNC has experienced makes it tougher to leave. The key quote here: "When I leave, I want it to be in good shape."