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Obligatory Grayson Allen Tripped Someone Post UPDATE: ACC Reprimands Allen

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: ACC announces that Grayson Allen has been....reprimanded? That'll learn 'em.

Alternate title: "Let's get some easy web traffic!"

Much like seeing a unicorn this is the ever rare post focused entirely on a rival school. At this point you might not need toes to count them all up after ten years.

Since this was getting plenty of community attention on another post, I figure what the heck, let's discuss it.

At the tail end of Duke's 80-65 win over Florida State in Durham last night an incident occurred between Grayson Allen and Seminole player Xavier Rathan-Mayes:

At best it simply doesn't look good. At worst Allen intentionally tripped yet another player which makes the second time he's done it in recent weeks. In Duke's win over Louisville on February 8th, Allen tripped Cardinal player Raymond Spalding out of frustration following a non-call on Allen's drive to the basket.

As of Friday morning the ACC has said the incident is under review.

There is precedent for the ACC suspending a player after the fact even when the game officials didn't take action during he contest. In 2012, UNC linebacker Shakeel Rashad ran into Duke WR Connor Vernon while running onto the field just prior to play in UNC's 33-30 loss in Durham. At the time no flag was thrown but the ACC issued a suspension for Rashad and the officials two days later.

The ACC could act similarly here and if that occurs, Duke could be without Allen on Sunday when the Blue Devils travel to Pittsburgh for what is on paper a toss-up game.