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USA Today Wants You To Know It's Easier to Fire Roy Now

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know.

USA Today popped the flashy headline to get ABCers(and maybe some UNC fans?) drooling just for  the clicks. And it's true, I basically did the same thing an hour ago by posting something about Grayson Allen while that topic is undoubtedly a hot item on Google searches. Welcome to 2016, etc, etc, etc.

That being said, what the actual heck?

North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams’ new contract with the university includes a variety of significant changes in Williams’ duties and the circumstances under which he can be fired for cause.

The article goes on to outline the changes in Roy Williams' contract which he signed last year. The gist of the changes is UNC adjusting to the NCAA's new penalty model which has a high degree of accountability for coaches when violations occur. The contract also stipulates that if anything violation worthy occurs, Williams is responsible for reporting it or else could be terminated with cause.

Williams' prior contract already had standard language regarding NCAA violations. The new contract adds some additional layers to that which recognizes the new reality of the NCAA penalty structure and ensures potential violations are being properly reported at the highest level.

More or less the new language is exactly what you would expect in light of recent events and the direction NCAA enforcement has gone in holding coaches accountable. The gist of the article points to UNC imposing, in contract stipulations, a new set of accountability requirements for the head basketball coach. Larry Fedora's contract extension likely has similar clauses in it. The problem is "Roy Williams' contract includes new accountability standards" doesn't quite ring the bell like the current headline.

Of course if you listen to segments of the fan base the real fireable offenses have to do with timeout usage or who is in the starting lineup. Sadly for those folks, there are no clauses addressing those in the new contract.