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Roy Williams Misses Most of Second Half With Vertigo Episode

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, as UNC was struggling against now 0-11 in the ACC Boston College, Roy Williams was forced to leave the court due an episode of vertigo. Via the ACC Digital Network here is how it unfolded.

Williams discussed the incident in detail during the postgame press conference. He says it was his benign positional vertigo and it has been happening over the past 17-18 years. He noted that three different hospitals have checked him for his issue, one in Lawerence, KS, one in Rochester, NY and UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

According to Williams this is the first time it has happened during a game. Williams says when he turns his head too quickly it can bring on an attack and that is what happened after he talked to the official about what he thought was a foul on a Isaiah Hicks drive.

Williams will travel back to North Carolina with the team this evening and is expected to be fine.