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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Virginia

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

ACC Championship

North Carolina Virginia
Record 27-6 26-6
ACC Record 14-4 13-5
KenPom Rank #5 #1
Points per game 82.9 70.8
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 119.7(4th) 119.0(7th)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 94.4(16th) 91.9(4th)
Tempo(Rank) 72.3(42nd) 61.7(351st)
Offensive eFG% 52.0% 54.8%
Defensive eFG% 47.5% 48.5%
Field Goal % 47.8% 48.1%
2P FG% 53.7% 51.3%
3P FG% 31.5% 40.2%
FT% 73.7% 75.8%
Offensive Reb Rate 40.2% 30.2%
Defensive Reb Rate 70.5% 73.9%
TO Rate 15.4% 15.3%
FT Rate 32.3% 33.4%
3PA% 26.7% 27.7%

You wouldn't think there would be much change in the numbers over two weeks given how much of the season is in the books. Then again no one expected UNC to ramp up its offense in the way it has over that same period. At one point during the season, when Kennedy Meek was out, UNC's defensive efficiency dropped to around 70th. Once Meeks returned the defense slowly climbed out of that hold into 40s and 30s which was respectable enough to get things done.

Then a couple of things happened. The first was NC State and Duke played in the ACC Tournament with both teams posting an offensive efficiency rating over 130. Since UNC had played both teams twice and in those games limited them to below their average, the game on Wednesday actually helped UNC's defensive efficiency. The other factor was holding Notre Dame to an offensive efficiency of 68.6 which catapulted UNC from 30th to 16th pushing the defensive efficiency below 95.

The result is an ACC title game between teams ranked 4th and 7th in offensive efficiency and 4th and 16th in defensive efficiency.