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Pre-Sweet Sixteen Press Conference

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Williams and four different players: Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige followed by Justin Jackson and Joel Berry.

A couple of tidbits. Marcus Paige apparently has a voracious appetite for reading basketball analysis and popcorn. He called the latter a bad habit and apparently doesn't have enough money($20 annually) for a KenPom subscription.

Brice Johnson referred to the team has having been "underdogs" and Roy Williams said the team was "underappreciated." This elicited some eye-rolling on Twitter from various individuals which probably including people who at some point tried to pick Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Providence or Florida Gulf Coast to upset UNC at some point.

Both have a point in that UNC has been questioned frequently and loudly, especially after the losses to Notre Dame and Duke. UNC fans were pretty vocal in this regard along with the national writers as a whole. The "smarter than you" pundits have pushed really hard to make trendy upset picks and UNC has been the main target of those. Johnson probably overstated the case by using "underdogs" but the point remains that UNC's success is always view with a wary eye and the goal posts tend to get moved. This is more or less a microcosm of how the ACC has been viewed since putting six teams in the Sweet Sixteen. Instead of validating that success the media has chosen to poke holes in it or alter the outlook going forward though in UNC's case that has become much more difficult.

Roy Williams

Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson

Joel Berry and Justin Jackson