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Roy Williams Pre-ACC Tourney Press Conference

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Williams met the media today ahead of the ACC Tournament which starts on Tuesday. Justin Jackson and Joel Berry also answered questions.

Another nugget for the Meeks/Hicks debate. Williams noted it was "disrespectful" that people(read: Jay Williams) would presume they know more about what the team needs than the five coaches who do it every day. He also noted that when he asked Isaiah Hicks what might happen if he started both he and Brice Johnson, Hicks responded:

"One of us is going to foul out quicker."

Williams was asked about UNC possibly playing in Raleigh for the NCAA Tournament and like clockwork he says he doesn't care about that and mentions Kansas losing in Kansas City in 1996. One wonders why the question keeps getting asked other than someone must really like the Kansas City story.

Roy Williams


Justin Jackson and Joel Berry