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Roy Williams End of Season Press Conference


Roy Williams met with the media today in what he called an opportunity to bring some closure to the end of the season. A few highlights:

-Williams said he will never get over the loss to Villanova.

-He felt Isaiah Hicks was unduly criticized and improperly took much blame for his defense at the end of the NCAA title game. He corrected the record in that regard saying he felt Hicks did what he was supposed to and Kris Jenkins was not his man.

-Player meetings are ongoing including with Joel Berry on Tuesday afternoon. Williams said he expects some players to enter the draft without agents and go through the process.

-Williams will be seeing four different doctors to see about his knees. He is looking at the possibility of double knee replacement. During his handshake with Mike Krzyzewski at Cameron he asked the Duke coach if he was having knee replacement.

-Of course Theo Pinson showed up in the back of the room.