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AP: UNC Has Received Amended Notice of Allegations UPDATE: Release Today?

UPDATE: UNC will released the amended NOA today.

Monday is the new Thursday for UNC's bad news? Seems like a good time to break out the good ol' "Under Siege" graphic right?

The new NOA coming out this week isn't a surprise and no, not because the NCAA was protecting UNC so it can win a national title. Last week there was a hearing in the lawsuit brought by former UNC athletes against the school. The NCAA is named as a co-defendant in that lawsuit. Both UNC and the NCAA asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. It is possible the NCAA wanted to wait until after that hearing before trotting out the new NOA.

As was the case last year when the first NOA came down, UNC will take time to redact names and information to comply with the various privacy regulations. For the first NOA that process took about two weeks.

In terms of what the new NOA contains, it could simply be amended to include additional women's basketball and men's soccer items which is what UNC self-reported last fall when the clocked was stopped on the first NOA. The banner chasing crowd, as evidenced by Dan Kane's "what to expect" piece from last week, are full of hope the new document will include more bad news for UNC or even direct allegations against men's basketball. It is possible all it includes is the newly found violations UNC brought to the table last fall when the clock was stopped on the original NOA.