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Too Early Top 25 College Basketball Rankings

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A tradition unlike any other. No, not The Masters.

I continue to be amazed at how quickly these drop after the national title game ends. I think we are probably 2-3 years away from them actually being discussed at halftime.

The usual caveats apply since no one knows, for sure, what the rosters for all the teams will look like in two months much less right now. In UNC's case it appears the various media outlets regard UNC as returning everyone but the three seniors. That's a reasonable assumption since there is no evidence to the contrary. However, the past three seasons have taught us that players make the decision to stay or go based on various factors that have little to do with draft status. Reggie Bullock had family concerns and did end up being a first round pick, James Michael McAdoo was ready for the next stage of his life and even got married. J.P. Tokoto apparently had the same outlook but also understood the writing was on the wall regarding his starting job.

Bearing that in mind, it's tough to say for sure everyone will return. At the very least I would expect UNC players to go through the process before announcing a return though Duke's Grayson Allen opted to return without even exploring his options which is more surprising than an opposing player ending up on the floor within three feet of the Duke sophomore.

At any rate, UNC is being slotted as a top ten team and a bit of a dark horse to make a Final Four run in 2017. Duke will be the favorite with Kentucky, Kansas, Villanova and Michigan State in the mix.  If UNC returns everyone it will be an experienced team with the ache of losing the title game as motivation.

SB Nation: UNC #4 (Trigger warning: Villanova is ranked 3rd and SB Nation put a GIF of Kris Jenkins' game winner in the post.)

The Sporting News: UNC #4


CBS Sports: UNC #7

NBC Sports: UNC #8

Sports Illustrated: UNC #8

Of course all of his is pending decisions from 18-22 year old making an effort to figure out what is best for their future.