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All Good Things...

Over ten years ago I started Tar Heel Blog. It grew from being a fan website to a legitimate media outlet covering UNC athletics. After ten years it has become clear to me that I have both taken this site as far as I can as its manager and editor. It also clear that my passion for this endeavor is insufficient to give the readers and SB Nation my best.

With that in mind and after careful consideration I am announcing that I will be leaving Tar Heel Blog some time this summer to pursue other interests and cliche as it sounds spend more time with my family. Running this blog from upstart website to credentialed media outlet as been a heck of a ride for me. I have had incredible opportunities to cover the Tar Heels, write about championships, debate the finer points of timeouts, starting lineups and UNC's run defense.  Even writing about the NCAA scandal was fun in its own way.

Let me also take a moment to extend my gratitude to Doc, Chris and Paul for their contributions to the site. It is my sincere belief that the site would not be where it is at today without their writing and editorial input. It is a rare thing to put together a staff that operates on the same wave length right down to posts you were thinking about writing being published already when you pulled up the blog.

Many thanks also to SB Nation for taking a flyer on us, to those in the local media who treated us with respect and linked to us and of course to the readers without which a website does not exist.

Since I know there are questions I'll attempt to answer them here.

Why now?

Ten years is a long haul on the internet. It's like dog years or something so being consistent that long has been quite a grind. It also feel like it is time. As noted above the motivation is lacking, especially during the offseason where maintaining a consistent post average is much more difficult to do without games being played.

It also should be noted that I actually work a full time job and this has always been a side gig. I have been burning the candle at both ends for quite some time. When I started covering UNC home games on a media credential free time from September to March was hard to come by. That's a very difficult situation, especially with four kids at home and a wife who has been far more understanding than any woman probably should have been about her husband's hobby. When family trips and activities are being arranged around the UNC basketball schedule, it might be time to do something else.

Aside from that I want to simply be a fan again and have the ability to just watch the game, enjoy it and not worry about analyzing it, moderating a comments section, etc.

So why not cut back on writing and covering games?

I could do that. I have the option to be more of a site manager/editor with less writing. I could fill out the staff and do less of the day-to-day content production but that isn't appealing to me.  I would inevitably still try to do too much and even filling the manage role would probably require more time than I am willing to give it going forward. In my opinion I have taken the site as far as I can in terms of growth and have decided to step aside to let someone else take the reins.

Okay I get all that but no more writing? At all?

I will retain posting privileges and if I get an itch I can avail myself of that to scratch it. Otherwise I think the best thing for the site, the new staff and myself is to get out of the way.  I also have not ruled out pursuing other types of writing if the opportunity arises but for now I am inclined to enjoy the free time.

What about the other writers?

Doc and Chris have decided that it is fitting that we all leave together, so they will also step away when I do. Likewise they may still contribute to the site from time to time going forward.

So what becomes of the site?

SB Nation's excellent college managers will initiate the process to hire a new site  manager and staff. I will remain in place until that process is complete and work alongside the new manager. At some point in mid to late summer I will step down officially.

Will you still be on Twitter?

Probably. I will turn the current Twitter account over to the new staff and tweet from a personal one. I will still watch games, tweet here and there about UNC. I'm not disappearing mind you just being less visible.

Any regrets? Going to miss it?

No regrets really but UNC winning a basketball title and seeing the NCAA scandal to its conclusion would have been nice ways to end the 10 year run.  I will probably miss it some but if I thought I was going to miss it too much I likely wouldn't be quitting.