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Introducing Tar Heel Blog's New Manager

Early last week I announced I would be leaving Tar Heel Blog after ten years. SB Nation has moved with swiftness to secure a talented replacement. It is my honor and privilege to introduce Tanya Bondurant as the new manager for Tar Heel Blog. Tanya is a UNC graduate and most recently has served as managing editor for SB Nation's New York Yankees blog, Pinstripe Alley.  I am excited to see where she takes THB going forward.

Without further ado let's hear from THB's new boss:

Hi everyone! I can't thank Brian enough for his help in handing over the keys to the amazing place he has created. My goal is to help Tar Heel Blog grow, thrive, and continue to be a place that you can depend on for quality writing about the Tar Heels. It means a lot to me to be trusted with doing so, but I'm very confident that we can continue what Brian has worked so hard on here.

A little about me: I'm a North Carolina native who was lucky enough to attend what I believe to be the greatest university on Earth. I got hooked on the Tar Heels as early as you can teach a child that that's the correct path to take in life, and I've lived and died with them ever since. My favorite player ever is Marcus Paige and my favorite bar is He's Not. I feel like those are important things everyone needs to know.

I'm so excited about this opportunity to cover a team that I have loved my whole life. I'm just as excited to get to know all of you and become part of the Tar Heel Blog community.