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2016 NBA Draft Viewing Guide and Open Thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Alright kids, the NBA Draft is upon us as the best players college basketball has to offer finds out where they are headed to start their professional careers. For UNC all eyes will be on Brice Johnson who is likely a late first round pick which means you can probably wait a good hour plus before paying attention to the event.

Based on media reports it looks like Philadelphia will take LSU's Ben Simmons #1 overall with Duke's Brandon Ingram going second the the L.A. Lakers. Providence's Kris Dunn, who looked the part of NBA guard when he faced UNC during the NCAA Tournament, is being tossed around as the possible #3 pick Boston. The Celtics have eight(!) picks across two rounds so expect to hear Boston's name quite a bit during the evening whether it be picks or trading picks.

The Michael Jordan owned Charlotte Hornets have just one pick this evening, the 22nd.

Here is all the relevant information.

What: 2016 NBA Draft

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

When: 7:00 PM

TV: ESPN or Watch ESPN

Draft order via

First Round

1. Philadelphia
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Boston (From Brooklyn)
4. Phoenix
5. Minnesota
6. New Orleans
7. Denver (From New York)
8. Sacramento
9. Toronto (From Denver via New York)
10. Milwaukee
11. Orlando
12. Utah
13. Phoenix (From Washington)
14. Chicago
15. Denver (From Houston)
16. Boston (From Dallas)
17. Memphis
18. Detroit
19. Denver (From Portland)
20. Indiana
21. Atlanta
22. Charlotte
23. Boston
24. Philadelphia (From Miami via Cleveland)
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Philadelphia (From Oklahoma City via Denver and Cleveland)
27. Toronto
28. Phoenix (From Cleveland via Boston)
29. San Antonio
30. Golden State

Second Round

31. Boston (From Philadelphia via Miami)
32. Los Angeles Lakers
33. Los Angeles Clippers (From Brooklyn)
34. Phoenix
35. Boston (From Minnesota via Phoenix)
36. Milwaukee (From New Orleans via Sacramento)
37. Houston (From New York via Sacramento and Portland)
38. Milwaukee
39. New Orleans (From Denver via Philadelphia)
40. New Orleans (From Sacramento)
41. Orlando
42. Utah
43. Houston
44. Atlanta (From Washington)
45. Boston (From Memphis via Dallas)
46. Dallas
47. Orlando (From Chicago)
48. Chicago (From Portland via Cleveland)
49. Detroit
50. Indiana
51. Boston (From Miami)
52. Utah (From Boston via Memphis)
53. Denver (From Charlotte via Oklahoma City)
54. Atlanta
55. Brooklyn (From Los Angeles Clippers)
56. Denver (From Oklahoma City)
57. Memphis (From Toronto)
58. Boston (From Cleveland)
59. Sacramento (From San Antonio)
60. Utah (From Golden State)