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Brice Johnson Draft Stock on the Rise?

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Since the season ended and the NBA Draft process began in earnest, Brice Johnson appears to be making moves in the right direction regarding his draft stock. At one point a borderline first round pick, there is evidence Johnson could end up solidly in the first round.

Here is a quick run down of the current relevant mock drafts.

Mock Draft Date Pick Team 5/27 22nd Charlotte Hornets
Draft Express 6/7 27th Toronto Raptors
CBS Sports(Parrish) 6/1 20th Indiana Pacers
CBS Sports(Vecenie) 5/31 22nd Charlotte Hornets
USA Today 5/30 20th Indiana Pacers
NBA Draft Net 6/3 13th Phoenix Suns doesn't have Johnson in the first round but given what the other pundits are doing, that seems like the exception rather than the rule.

The last year has been incredible for Johnson who went from "good player" to an All-American talent and one of the most efficient offensive players in college basketball. The meteoric rise has not stopped since the season ended and depending on how his workouts go, Johnson could be one of the biggest movers on the board in a little over two weeks.

In case you missed it here is  the Draft Express breakdown of Johnson's game.