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Why Ryan Switzer attending ACC Media Days is everything

Ryan Switzer’s ability to entertain the masses is why Media Days exist.

Tyler Vahan/Daily Tar Heel

With all due respect to Des Lawrence –-who we love and expect to have another great season—this post is inspired by Ryan Switzer.

The ACC Gods have bestowed the greatest of gifts, not only for Carolina fans but for the good, and bad, people of the ACC. Aforementioned, punt returning maven, Ryan Switzer, a.k.a Switz, will be attending next weeks ACC Kickoff in Charlotte, which is a bummer for all of those who attended last year’s event in Pinehurst, even though Charlotte’s got a lot.

Back to Switz. I couldn’t think of a better “student-athlete” for Carolina to send to this event who would entertain the masses like Ryan Switzer. Albeit, Miami is bringing a punter, who damn well better possess all the best attributes of Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon, and John Oliver to distract the media from the position he plays.

Switzer has long been the jokester of the locker room, only rivaled on campus by former Tar Heel big man Joel James and current Carolina basketball wing Theo Pinson.

Without further ado here are all the reason’s why Ryan Switzer going to ACC Kickoff is everything.

He’s been a bonafide star since Day 1

Let’s just lead off with this.

So, Switzer can do that. He also is a two-time All-American and is tied for an NCAA record for punt return touchdowns in a single season, which he reached in his freshman year. Switzer already holds the school record for career punt return yards and, with his seven total punt return touchdowns, he is only one shy of tying some guy named Wes Welker for the all-time NCAA record. Switz has turned himself into a reliable receiver throughout his Carolina career. During his sophomore campaign, Switzer posted team highs of 61 catches and 757 yards. He followed that up with another team high 55 catches, alongside 697 yards and six touchdowns. All that stated above would be enough in anybody’s book to warrant an invite to ACC Kickoff but Switzer offers so much more.


Look no further than the April article with SI’s Campus Rush when Switzer said this:

Sure, anyone can say that they think that they should be a first-round pick, but Switz clearly believes that he is in the same boat as some of the elite college football talents looking to hear their names called on that first Thursday of the 2017 NFL Draft. Whether that happens or not, you have to love that a guy who is listed at 5’10”, 185 lbs believes that he possess that kind of ability. Hubris aside, that kind of personality is sure to give every media member the type of fire emoji quotes that make Media Days, Media Days.

His Likely Opinion on Officiating

ACC officiating has been a hot topic since the debacle that both hilariously, and criminally, led to Duke’s demise to Miami last October via a kickoff return for a touchdown that looked straight out of a Looney Tunes sketch. The conference announced back in May, amid its spring meetings in Amelia Island, that they would be implementing a conference wide replay center for next season.

Although, a great step forward for the league, the injustices’ of the past cannot yet be forgiven. Last season, Switzer famously acted as if he was going to call fair catch. While the coverage slowed down, he returned a punt for what he thought was a touchdown. Unfortunately, ACC officials just can’t deal and called the play back. Given what we know about Switzer’s quest for NCAA immortality, in regards to punt return touchdowns, this is a egregious mistake and something he is bound to bring up next week in Charlotte.

His relationship with his little sister

This is what you would call media gold. Everyone at ACC Kickoff is sure to eat up the admittedly adorable relationship that Ryan Switzer has with his four-year-old sister, Mynkah.

Moochi girl!!

A photo posted by Ryan F. Switzer (@switz03) on

How can you not be chomping at the bit to interview a guy who sings Disney songs with his preschool-aged sister? Seriously? Switzer’s fun loving and family-oriented nature is bound to be a hit.

The guy is the whole package. He is the quintessential Media Day participant and is bound to be the star of the event. I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens.