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Finding the weirdest items in UNC’s online team store

For the fans that literally have everything else.

Iowa v North Carolina Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Like probably a lot of you reading, I have my fair share of North Carolina Tar Heel paraphernalia. I have probably somewhere in the range of two dozen t-shirts. I have sweatshirts. There’s a team poster of the 2008-09 championship basketball team up in my childhood bedroom. If I was a small child, I would probably have several stuffed Rameses.

However, like a lot of official online team stores, UNC’s has its fair share off odd items. There probably is someone in the world who has bought these things, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a bit strange.

North Carolina Tar Heels Majestic Laid Out T-Shirt -Steel

A grey shirt with the North Carolina logo in what appear to be Notre Dame colors is odd. At least it’s not red or royal blue, I guess.

North Carolina Tar Heels Stadium Tri-Blend T-Shirt - Navy Blue

This is not a particularly bad-looking shirt. The problem is, that’s not what Kenan Stadium looks like. UNC football does not play in one of the multi-purpose baseball/football stadiums from the 70s.

Men's Top of the World Red 2015 Men's Basketball Final Four Adjustable Trucker Hat

Good news is that this hat is on clearance! Bad news is that it’s red and is from a Final Four won by UNC’s biggest rival. Can’t imagine this one is flying off the shelves.

Unsurprisingly, more of the strange items are located in the collectibles and children’s sections.

Newborn & Infant Carolina Blue North Carolina Tar Heels 3-Points 3-Pack Bodysuit Set

I do not have a child and I probably won’t have one any time soon. If a day comes where I do have one, I don’t think I’ll be dressing it in “Little Kicker” onesies.

North Carolina Tar Heels Mascot Springy Logo Bobblehead

No problems with a Rameses’ bobblehead. Selling those makes complete sense. It’s just unclear why they sell one that has has such a disproportionately small neck. Not to dig too far into the biology of a bobblehead, but the head is clearly way too big compared to the neck.

North Carolina Tar Heels Superhero Plush Rhino

This is the description of this item on the website:

Just like a Tar Heels player working feverously to win the game, you need a hero that shows off your UNC pride in case it starts to fade. This cute Superhero Plush rhino can swoop or stampede in and make sure you still believe in the Tar Heels, even if the game looks bleak. He is made of plush faux fur and has an embroidered University of North Carolina wordmark on his stomach and a sewn-on cape and mask. Crisis averted, thanks in part to your trusty Tar Heels-inspired hero!

Just make it a superhero ram, and this item works. Rhino...not as much.

North Carolina Tar Heels Moustache Dog Plush