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A YouTube guide to surviving a summer without Carolina athletics

Times are hard and they’re getting even harder without seeing the Tar Heels on the field.

Oh, July. Where the sun is scorching hot, the beers are cold, and where MLB highlights rule the sports world –-well at least when NBA players aren’t earning $12 million per year to ride the pine—but I digress. July also brings about a lack of college sports, Carolina sports to be exact. The only things that happen that are college related in July are pointless media days and constant ‘what if’s’—which I’m completely guilty of loving—player arrests and ill-timed injuries prior to fall camp. But today, I’m here to help Tar Heel fans, like me, who have a problem and need to sit on their couch watching an old game, as if it’s live, and react like a complete mad man. Here is your Guide to Surviving a Summer Without Carolina Athletics As Told By YouTube:

Men’s Basketball

I’m obviously going to point you into the direction of what all of you crave and desire, even though we do have other sports, guys.

2015 ACC-Big Ten Challenge vs Maryland

Like their terrapin mascot, The University of Maryland ditched the ACC for the riches of the illustrious Big Ten, only to reassume the position back into their shell when playing in Chapel Hill.

2016 ACC Tournament Final vs Virginia

Tony Bennett and his Virginia program have become nothing short of a nuisance on the hardwood. So much so, their fans have become the human equivalent to Pavlov’s dog every time a clock of any kind goes under 10 seconds.

Fortunately, Carolina tuned that out as Joel Berry and Marcus Paige powered the Heels to it’s 18th ACC tournament title.

2016 at Duke

Clinched Carolina’s 30th, 20th outright, ACC regular season title—that’s the most all-time for those keeping score at home—and they beat Duke in Cameron. Need I say more?

1982 National Championship Game

Because you need this after what happened on April 4th.

1993 National Championship Game

Like stated before, you need this. Also, Jalen Rose still fills the rim of his margaritas off of the salt of losing this game.

2005 National Championship Game

Back when April 4th was a day to be celebrated and not forgotten.

2009 National Championship Game

January. February. Izzo. Loses in the Final Four. May.


Georgia Tech

Carolina picked up its first win in Atlanta since the 2001 Peach Bowl versus Auburn and first at Bobby Dodd in 20+ years. Marquise Williams led Carolina from a 21-0 deficit to mark the programs biggest comeback.




Eleven years ago the goal posts were being torn down at Kenan. Eleven years later, “The U” is officially dead.

Virginia Tech

Carolina ruined Frank Beamer’s final game at Lane Stadium to clinch the programs first ever trip to the ACC Championship Game.


My State friend yelled at me for two hours on Sunday about this game even though I claimed zero responsibility.


Remember that one time when Carolina won as many National Championships as State has in one weekend? Oh, and they beat Maryland to do so. Good times, good times.


If only the committee cared more about improv instead of conference finish we would have been a host.

Men’s Tennis

University of National Champions.