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UNC basketball freshman preview: Brandon Robinson

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Becoming familiar with UNC’s new sharpshooter.

Kentucky v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Last week we debuted our freshman preview by starting it off with a feature about UNC freshman, Seventh Woods. This week, we thought we would introduce the Tar Heel faithful to shooting guard, Brandon Robinson.

So, who is Brandon Robinson? Brandon Robinson is a 6’5 shooting guard from Georgia. The four-star Robinson is easily the best shooter in Carolina’s recruiting class, and possibly the best shooter in the last few classes under Roy Williams. Outside of basketball skills, Brandon Robinson is an excellent student.

UNC is truly getting the definition of a student-athlete with this one. Coach Roy Williams compared Brandon Robinson to Jackie Manuel. They are both built very similarly, 6’5 190 for Manuel and 6’5 170 for Robinson. Both players play good defense and work hard to get extra shots up after practice. I don’t think Tar Heel fans would be disappointed if they were blessed with another player like Jackie Manuel. Someone who makes the team better and wins the fandom over through hard work and hustle.

Let’s look at Robinson’s highlight mix tape below. I will give you fair warning, this mixtape is a yawner. There aren’t any flashy dunks, crazy blocks, or even any ankle-breaking crossovers. All it shows is a shooting clinic by a guy with a quick trigger and smooth release. Without further ado, here is what Tar Heel fans can expect to see from Brandon Robinson when he puts on the Carolina blue.

Boring right? Who cares? UNC ranked 263 out of a possible 346 with a three-point field goal percentage of 32.7% in 2015. Those numbers are downright awful. Having athletes galore is great, and it works, seeing as UNC made it to the NCAA championship game last year. However, having a smooth shooter who you can consistently rely on to stretch the floor and keep defenses honest is unparalleled. Seeing as Brandon Robinson is a three-point specialist, I decided to pull this chart from the Tar Heel Blog archives to compare past three-point shooters during the Roy Williams era.

UNC hasn’t had a consistent three-point shooter who shot over 40% since Reggie Bullock during the 2012-2013 campaign. Brandon Robinson may break this streak. The 6’5 shooting guard from Georgia shot 42% from the three-point line his senior year of high school, proving that he is one of the better deep shooters Williams has signed during his tenure at UNC.

So what all does Brandon Robinson bring to UNC? Well, as stated above, he brings the ability to knock down shots. But he’s not one of those catch and shoot guys who is a huge liability on defense. He is actually a solid defender as he uses his lanky 6’5” frame to cover space and passing lanes. Another way he is not just a stereotypical knockdown shooter is his ability to finish in transition. He isn’t your usual Roy Williams get out and go player. He is, however, a somewhat similar version of this that can shoot the ball from deep and pull up for mid-range shots. What he lacks in his run and gun ability, he makes up for in his ability to knock down shots in transition, as well as in the half court.

A three-point shooter can do a lot of things for a team. One of these things is that they can turn a deficit into a lead in a matter of possessions. They can also turn a lead into a beat down in the time it takes for you to go to the bathroom and come back to your seat. Can Brandon Robinson be that guy? You tell me. For some reference, here is a video of Robinson hitting seven 3’s in a game earlier this year.

Brandon Robinson may help finally bring some consistent deep shooting to a squad that is in desperate need of it. Hopefully he is the guy that is going to do this, and from the eye test and statistical standpoint, he just may be.