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Kenan Stadium could bring local Chapel Hill food to football games

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With the growing trend of local restaurants being added to the concession options at stadiums around the country, here are some local Chapel Hill restaurants that would be a great fit at Kenan Stadium.

Illinois v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

A growing trend throughout the sporting world is the increasing number of food options available to fans at stadiums. Gone are the days where you only had hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts to choose from. Nowadays, you can choose from sushi, lobster rolls, or even chicken and waffles while watching your favorite football or baseball team.

Along with some of these more upscale options, is the trend of offering a local flavor to concession stands around the country. In Boston, you can get New England clam chowder at the Red Sox games. In Philadelphia, you can get cheesesteaks at an Eagles game. In New York, you can stand in line for an hour to get a Shake Shack burger and cheese fries at Mets games (well worth it in my opinion).

I do not believe this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. As more fans are staying at home to watch games from their living rooms, teams are looking for ways to draw fans out to the stadium/ballpark. Teams are trying to create a unique culinary experience at their stadiums (along with a winning product on the field), in order to entice fans to come eat something that they wouldn’t be able to get from home.

Chapel Hill is a diverse culinary town in and of itself, offering a wide array of food options from Mediterranean to Indian. Let’s take a look at some culinary options that Kenan Stadium could possibly add to their concessions from local Chapel Hill restaurants.

(Note: This is not a critique of the concessions that are currently being offered at Kenan. In fact, I am a big fan of eating some Bojangles, Chick-fil-A, or frozen lemonade when attending games, as well as the traditional concession offerings. Also, Tar Heel Town offers a lot of great food truck options before the football games.)

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen or Timeout Restaurant

I think a biscuit would be perfect for those games that start at noon. I am drooling all over the keyboard just thinking about one of those chicken biscuits with cheddar cheese on top.

Yogurt Pump

This would be great for all of the people that are sitting on the visitors’ side of the stadium on one of those hot Saturdays in September.

Mama Dip’s

Mama Dip’s fried chicken would probably do better as a tailgating food; however, I would get to games earlier if that meant being able to sit down with a piece of her fried chicken before the team got on the field.

Mediterranean Deli

According to Hector’s rules, everything is better on a pita. So, a lamb gyro from Mediterranean Deli would be a great addition to the Kenan concession line-up.

Rise Donuts

Like I said above about biscuits, donuts would be perfect for those noon game times.

McAlister’s Deli

Who wouldn’t want a concession stand that serves nothing but McAlister’s sweet tea?


This is more for my kids than myself, as they are big fans of cupcakes. People always seem to have cupcakes at Super Bowl parties, so why not at the stadium?

He’s Not Here, Top of the Hill, or Carolina Brewery

Disclaimer: I fully support Kenan’s policy on alcohol being prohibited from the stadium; however, if they ever chose to forego this policy (similar to what Wake Forest recently decided), it would be great to support the local breweries (in Blue Cups) at football games.

Cosmic Cantina

Similar to the gyro, a burrito would be a pretty good handheld food for football games. You can eat in one hand and wave a pom pom with the other one, or you could toss the burrito around during half-time.

What did I miss? If you could add your favorite local restaurant or food item to the concession options at Kenan Stadium, what would it be? Leave your comments in the section below.