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A Tar Heels smorgasbord of all things UNC football

Before we prepare for week one of the college football season, here are some random thoughts, tweets, and videos on all things UNC.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Notre Dame v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As we head into the first week of college football season, I decided to put together a random list of tweets, videos, and thoughts about all things UNC.

  • Here is a ranking of my top five recreational facilities on UNC’s campus.

5. Hinton James Basketball Court

4. The walking trail between Hinton James and North Campus classes

3. Outdoor Recreation Center’s Disc Golf Course

2. Hooker Fields (many intramural softball championships won on those fields)

1. Woollen Gym (with the old floors that had dead spots in them)

  • This may be the first soccer uniform that I ever decide to purchase (I wonder if they will sell these at the UNC Yard Sale).
  • 2015-2016 was a very successful year for UNC athletics, but with where the fall teams are ranked in the pre-season, it looks like 2016-2017 could be a very similar or an even better year for the athletic program.

Men’s Soccer - Ranked #1, #6, or #8 depending upon the publication

Women’s Soccer - Ranked #9

Women’s Field Hockey - Ranked #1

Football - Ranked #20 or #22 depending upon AP or Coaches’ Poll

Women’s Volleyball - Ranked #19

  • How many people actually still get this reference, because I do.
  • Here is a great link to find all of the UNC fall sports that will be broadcast on the ACC Network Extra.
  • Will Marquise Williams be the only former player added to the “I am a Tar Heel” segment at football games this year?
  • Get hype.
  • Do you think we should all message this Idaho guy to see if he can recreate the Gio Bernard punt return against NC State from 2012?


  • It is great to see that they still have the poster sale on Franklin Street. I distinctly remember the poster I bought my freshman year and hung in my dorm room, however, I refuse to divulge what was on that poster.
  • Happy New Year Tar Heels!