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A travel guide for Tar Heels fans in Atlanta this gameday weekend

Headed to Atlanta? We’re here to help.

LSU v North Carolina Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I’ve come to serve all of the Tar Heel fans heading down to Atlanta to watch our boys take on the Dawgs. If you’ve never been to Atlanta, brace for impact because the traffic is horrible. If you have and are in to trying new things, good for you. Here’s a Guide for Tar Heel fans in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend.


The Varsity

What’ll Ya Have? Everything. The Varsity is an Atlanta staple that has been around for 88 years. Just barely longer than Georgia’s last national title. The restaurant is located right in Midtown across from Georgia Tech’s campus, so it’s a relatively easy stop to or from the game. Suggestion: You can’t go wrong with a bacon cheeseburger, with a chili dog, fries, and a Varsity orange followed up with a fried peach pie.


For those of you staying near the airport, I hope that you have TSA Pre or else it wasn’t worth it. Well, Spondivits is worth the trek outside of the downtown area. The AJC has proclaimed this place to be the King of Seafood, and I agree. If you’re a fan of oysters you’ll be right at home. Don’t forget to grab a crab bucket while you’re at it.

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q

I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention a barbecue place. Now, no one does it quite like the folks in Eastern North Carolina–yes, that’s a direct shot at the tomato-based atrocity that is Lexington BBQ–but the people over at Fox Bros do their best to keep up. The menu is more Texas style, so I would go with the brisket.


Sweetwater Brewing Company

For all that is holy, please don’t float the mainstream and go to Gordon Biersch or Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer. Head on over to Sweetwater and try something that doesn’t go down easier than whatever light beer you have sitting in your fridge right now. For $10 you can basically drink as much as you want after a tour of the brewery. The 420 extra pale is good, but I suggest going with the Blue; it has a solid aftertaste.

Ponce City Market

If you’ve ever been to Union Market in DC or 7th Street Market in Charlotte here is Atlanta’s version of both. Go there. Eat, drink, and be merry.

Hop CIty

Hop on over to Atlanta’s Krog Street Market and try all of the local craft beers while also snacking on some quality grub. The place has hops in the title, so you know it’s good.

Good Ol’ Wholesome Family Fun

Zoo Atlanta

Personally, I’m obsessed with zoos, or zoological parks as I like to refer to them. There’s just something about watching an animal sit in captivity that is fascinating to me. Anywho, you should definitely take your family to Zoo Atlanta for one reason and one reason only–they have a panda. Need I say more? They also have gorillas…R.I.P. Harambe.

Georgia Aquarium

Didn’t see any penguins at the zoo? That’s okay, because they’re at the aquarium. They also have seals. Seals eat penguins though, so you really should pick a side.

College Football Hall of Fame

This is probably what I’m looking forward to most outside of the actual game. The CFB Hall of Fame is the perfect spot for all of you football junkies out there. You can test your accuracy passing a football and even stub your toe while missing a 20-yard field goal. I encourage everyone who attends to take the tour designed around the history of Carolina football, you might learn something.


Everything you need to know about Gameday festivities for Carolina fans is in this here guide.

Have fun, be safe, and beat Georgia.