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Three things we learned from UNC’s win over Pitt

Ryan Switzer = Really Good

Pittsburgh v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Tar Heels pulled off a nail-biting victory in Kenan Stadium on Saturday against Pitt after having a lead for just two seconds of the game. The game in its entirety wasn’t pretty, and it felt like the defense was going to struggle to make the necessary stop at the end, but everything ended up turning out alright.

Here are three things we learned from that game.

Kenan can still rock

It’s definitely not a good look that people started leaving midway through the fourth quarter, but those who stuck around were certainly rewarded for their faith. Kenan got LOUD as the Carolina defense was trying to stop Pitt to give the ball back to the offense with under four minutes to go.

If Carolina ever wants to be considered more than a basketball school, the atmosphere at Kenan is where a lot of it is going to have to start. Stay all 60 minutes! You paid for the ticket. Everyone who left early missed out on one of those moments that everyone will still be talking about up there with Gio’s return vs State. You don’t want to be the guy who was there but had already left for the car when the action happened.

Enough with the safeties already

UNC has given up a safety in every game they have played this season with the exception of last week vs. James Madison. It’s unacceptable, and honestly a little embarrassing. Whether play calling near the goal line needs to improve or just the execution, something has to give. Carolina can’t give up such nonsense points to quality teams.

Thankfully, the safeties didn’t hurt them against Illinois or Pitt, but tougher tests are coming. These aren’t the kind of mistakes an experienced program hoping to repeat as ACC Coastal champs should be making.

Don’t sleep on Ryan Switzer

The Tar Heel wide receivers came out into pregame warmups wearing bathrobes because they felt like they weren’t getting the respect they deserved. It seems safe to say that they won’t have to feel that way going forward after Switzer torched the Pitt defense.

UNC had no ground game to speak of on Saturday, but the receivers stepped up in a big way to help Mitch Trubisky carry the team down the field. On the final drive in particular, it felt like they were getting nearly everything they wanted.

In addition to Switzer’s huge night, Bug Howard’s catch will be cemented in every fan’s mind for years to come. Austin Proehl is also emerging as a strong option for Trubisky outside of the Switzer/Howard/Mack Hollins trio.

What things did you learn from UNC’s win over Pitt?