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Tar Heels News 9/5/16: A loss to Georgia doesn’t break UNC’s season

UNC’s season isn’t over; Mitch Trubisky thinks he can correct mistakes before the Illinois game

Georgia v North Carolina Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Carolina Blue | Jarrett Corder: Despite the fact that UNC lost their season opener to Georgia, there were still things to be optimistic about coming out of the game. T.J. Logan’s performance and hope for an improved Mitch Trubisky are both reasons to not feel as though the season is doomed.

Raleigh & Company | R.L. Bynum: Mitch Trubisky didn’t star in his first game as the UNC quarterback, but his teammates are still confident in his abilities. Trubisky was able to identify some of the issues in order to correct them before the Tar Heels’ game against Illinois on Saturday. | Lee Pace: While it’s true that a loss to Georgia won’t make or break UNC’s season, the team has to be hoping that they can look back on it in much the same way as they did the South Carolina game a year ago. Hopefully a loss on the first weekend of the season will just be a footnote in an otherwise very successful season.

Inside Carolina | Greg Barnes: Carolina faltered once again on the big time stage, losing for the ninth straight time in a season opener against a Power 5 opponent. Larry Fedora was surprised his experienced team was so error-prone, but they believe they can learn from their mistakes going forward.