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UNC win vs. Wake Forest - Player of the Game: Kennedy Meeks

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After putting up a double-double, Meeks is player of the game against the Demon Deacons.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Despite going into halftime with a big lead, North Carolina nearly lost on the road at Wake Forest. One of the big reasons they held on for the win was the play of Kennedy Meeks.

Meeks put up a double double against the Demon Deacons, going for 18 points and 11 rebounds. He also just filled up the stat sheet in general. He blocked three shots, had three steals, and an assist.

The Tar Heel defense as a whole played pretty poorly in the second half, and Meeks was definitely a part of that. However, he had a pair of blocks in the final couple minutes with Wake Forest closing in. His block with 45 second left allowed the Tar Heels to go down the other end and put in free throws to put the game away.

On the offensive end, it was a pretty balanced effort all around. Meeks and the rest of the starting lineup all finished in double figures in points. You could easily make an argument that Joel Berry or Justin Jackson could also have been the player of the game against Wake. There’s an argument for Isaiah Hicks, who went for 16 points and eight rebounds in 23 minutes. (However, the reason he was limited to 23 minutes was because he committed four fouls in the first 14 minutes in the second half. Of course.)

For as frustrating a second half as this was for North Carolina, there’s still a bunch of players who had pretty good games. For being solid all game and making some key plays late, Kennedy Meeks gets it.