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UNC win vs. Virginia Tech - Player of the Game: Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson continues to do it all for the Tar Heels.

Syracuse v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

If you haven’t stopped at some point this season to appreciate how fun it is to watch Justin Jackson when he’s feeling it, you need to do so. There may not be many more opportunities.

Jackson was definitely feeling it Thursday night against Virginia Tech. He sank five three-pointers on his way to 26 points on the night. He dished out four assists and added two blocks to his total as well. He dominated the Hokies and the game to easily lead all Tar Heels in scoring.

The great part is that this is what we’ve come to expect out of Jackson. His three-point shot has improved so much this year to the point that you pretty much expect them all to go in now. That certainly wasn’t always the case.

Jackson came back to school to work on his shot, and that’s exactly what he has done. Unfortunately that likely means that the NBA will be calling once the season is over, which is all the more reason to enjoy him while there is still time.

While Jackson was the star of the show against the Hokies, Kennedy Meeks’ performance shouldn’t be overlooked. He seemed to do a bit of everything on his way to another double-double. He had an incredible 14 rebounds, getting boards on the offensive and defensive side. Jackson still deserves Player of the Game, but Meeks was great too.

Shots behind the arc have been an issue for some recent Carolina teams, but this one seems to have shaken that off. Jackson and Joel Berry II, especially, are usually good for multiple threes per game. That gives the Tar Heels a great boost that they’ll need as they head toward tournament season.